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Campion 2018 Pinot Noir   

Wine Maker's Notes


When it comes to Pinot Noir, I am a classicist. I want a medium bodied wine with high levels of perfume and a dynamic palate where both the tannins and the acidity are evident. Vintages such as this will deliver the correct style as long as you harvest them in the early middle of their ripening curve. I have never been a proponent of high ripeness in Pinot Noir. I believe that Pinot is about elegance and balance – not about power. Wines made in this style tend to age more gracefully as well for those who care about it.


Pinot Noir is ever the diplomat at the table and gets along with almost everything. I like to pair it with fowl – the richer flavored ones such as quail and pigeon are particularly good foils for Pinot. Smoked and salted foods are also a great choice. Many people seem to enjoy Pinot with Salmon. If I were pairing it with cheese I’d choose a goat cheese. 


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Santa Lucia Highlands


Smith Home Ranch and Sarmento Vineyard

Cases Produced:

12 Barrels